5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using Sticks to Play Fetch with Your Pooch

People have been playing fetch with dogs since time immemorial. It could be your favorite pastime with your pooch even in a birthday venue Malaysia, too; however, be wary of what you are throwing because it may not be the best thing for your furry friend to catch and return to you.

Some of the most popular fetch items include tennis balls, frisbees, dog toys, and sticks, yet not all are safe for your poochie to play with. For instance, tennis balls and sticks can cause fatal injuries in the mouth, which is why you should consider tossing dog-safe toys during a game of fetch.

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In the meantime, read this article to learn the top reasons to avoid throwing sticks to play fetch with your pupper.

Reasons to avoid throwing sticks during a game of fetch

Fetch can be a relatively harmless game unless you decide to use a prop that could put your four paws’ health at risk. Canine experts and veterinarians often discourage using sticks for playing fetch because they can lead to dangerous injuries. Read on to learn some hazards associated with the usage of sticks.

Throat injuries

A four-legged baby can catch a stick at its end instead of the middle during a fast-paced game; because of this, the stick can get stuck in its throat leading to an injury. It is advisable to swap the stick with a stuffed toy so you don’t endanger your pet’s life.


Tiny bits of wood can get lodged in between your puppy’s teeth or stuck in its mouth. Particularly sharp wooden slivers can cause pain, discomfort, and serious wounds in your fur companion’s mouth. It can get worse when swallowed because the wood bits can puncture skin from the inside, damage the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, and lead to internal bleeding, infections, and much more.


A puppy can choke on tiny bits of wood while biting and chewing on the stick, or this might lead to gastrointestinal obstructions.


If the wooden stick has sharp edges, there are high chances of your little pupper suffering from scrapes or cuts around the mouth while catching. Choose a lightweight plastic stick instead so both of you enjoy the game with a few hitches.


If your canine friend runs into the stick during a rapid game, then the stick can pierce into its throat or chest. This can lead to an organ injury and significant blood loss, which is why you should be vigilant. Also, a puppy may have to deal with impalement when it leaps to catch a stick but unfortunately lands on it.

Sticks may be plentiful if you are playing in a wooded area; however, stay alert while your pet engages with them. Attempting to pick up a stick lying on the ground and chewing on it can be equally dangerous. Monitor your pet because not all injuries can be evident.

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