A 3×10 Matrix Business That Pays You Multiple Ways

OnPassive is a global AI tech firm that offers an email marketing tool, video conferencing app, and URL shortener. It’s a 3×10 matrix business structure that can pay you multiple ways. Read on to learn more. You won’t believe how much money you can make with OnPassive. But if you want to make six or seven figures a year and retire tomorrow, you need to invest a couple of years into it.

OnPassive is a global AI tech firm

OnPassive Business is a global AI technology company that provides its clients with various applications and tools for their businesses. The company was founded by Ash Mufareh, an MIT graduate and veteran online professional. While the firm has operations in several countries, its corporate headquarters are located in the USA and India. It is creating a growing range of proprietary online tools and services. These tools and services will eventually become complete platforms. However, until they have established a stable business model, they are still seeking investors and partners to grow their businesses.

It offers a video conferencing app, email marketing tool, and URL shortener

In this competitive business environment, it is very easy for a company to get fake business organizations. However, ONPASSIVE is 100% legitimate and is committed to providing its members with an end-to-end solution. They provide three core business tools: video conferencing, email marketing tool, and URL shortener. All of these tools help businesses create a personalized customer experience, drive loyalty, and boost their brand reputation.

It is a 3×10 matrix business structure

Onpassive business is a multi-level marketing (MLM) matrix business that offers residual commissions through affiliates. To participate, affiliates must buy into the system, pay a subscription fee, and then earn regular commissions. There are four levels, each of which requires a monthly fee. Affiliates earn through their downlines, and commissions are paid out monthly.

It pays you in multiple ways

Ash Mufareh is the founder of Onpassive Business. He is also the CEO of GFI Fusion, a team of Global Domains International marketers. This multi-level marketing opportunity offers advertising credits and automation tools for affiliate marketing. His previous companies included AshMax MLM and PayDiamond. Onpassive is based on the same system and pays its members in multiple ways. Despite the high costs, Onpassive is worth looking into.

It is a pyramid scheme

The Office for Consumer Protection has ruled that the online business opportunity Onpassive is a pyramid scheme. The National Bank of Bhutan has also confirmed that the Onpassive business has started operating in Bhutan. The company has reported that thirteen Bhutanese have joined the program through affiliate programs and have paid USD 105 for registration. Many have used their credit cards to deposit the money. The company claims that they are a legitimate MLM opportunity but is in fact a pyramid scheme.

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