A Handbags Blog is a Great Place to Find the Latest Trends

If you love handbags, then you’ve likely stumbled across a Handbags Blog, a popular online forum for bag lovers. This website will provide you with a wealth of information on the latest styles, trends, and news regarding bags. As a bag lover, you should consider subscribing to this blog to keep up with the latest happenings in the fashion industry. You may even find a new bag you like!

Esperos Bags

Esperos Bags are backpacks for children that support education initiatives in developing nations. They are made by Oliver Shuttlesworth, who first was inspired by his trip to Central America in 2011. While there, he witnessed the devastating impact of poverty on children and their families. He saw that many of them only had $20 to send their children to school. So, he decided to create a backpack company to sell to raise money for education projects in the developing world.


Meaghan Mahoney Dusil is the creator of PurseBlog, a blog dedicated to luxury handbags. She started the blog in 2005, while in college, and has since built a huge community. Since then, she has turned her love of handbags into a full-time career. This post will give you some tips for scoring a Birkin if you aren’t yet a fan.

When it comes to bags, everyone has a blog and a website. Fashion bloggers have front-row seats at fashion shows and are feted by publicity-hungry designers. Meaghan Mahoney, a handbag aficionado, decided to share her passion for bags with the world. She co-founded PurseBlog with her technical partner Vladimir Dusil. Here, we learn more about the history of purse blogging, the purpose of the site, and Meaghan’s advice for finding the perfect bag.


The Handbag Snob is a popular online fashion blog by designer Tina Chen Craig, who has collaborated with a number of leading labels, including Dior, Neiman Marcus, and Cartier. Craig’s blog is a fantastic source of information about the latest styles and trends. Some of her pieces are too extravagant to carry around, but the site provides plenty of style tips and shopping tips, too.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

When it comes to luxury handbags, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills has you covered. This online retailer and wholesaler specializes in authentic luxury brands. From Prada to Chanel, you can shop for the most sought after designer handbags. The website offers both exclusive pieces and limited-edition collections. Shipping is available worldwide. Located off Rodeo Drive, Queen Bee is a must-stop destination for luxury shoppers. The boutique’s selection is sure to please the most discriminating tastes.


If you’re looking for a bag blog that’s both fun and informative, PurseBop is definitely worth checking out. Their expert blog writers crunch the numbers and give you the scoop on the latest designer handbag trends. You’ll learn how to save money on designer handbags, and even learn how to find knockoffs on Canal Street. They even offer tips on how to get free shipping!

Bag Hag Diaries

The self-proclaimed bag lover, Ingrid McLaughlin, is crossing over from the internet to the TV screen with her wildly popular blog. Her new show, The Bag Hag Diaries, is based on her adventures as a fashion insider. She also pens all of the episodes, which makes for a unique and hilarious read. Whether she’s traveling or eating dinner, you’ll be sure to find something you like on this show.


The PurseForum Handbags Blog is a well-read forum that has nearly half a million members. It hosts discussion threads on everything from relationships to cooking. As a result, it receives over three million visits per month and a whopping 25 million page views each month. However, the site is not without its faults. We have outlined some of these in this article.

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