Applob Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Applob is basically an app market that allows users to acquire and install customized versions of apps and games. You can download modified versions from this app but the main concern arises when you think about your safety and privacy, so we will share Applob com reviews in this article to help you have a better understanding of this app.

This app claims to be the safest marketplace for installing altered software and games on your mobile device and to provide gamers with trouble-free controls in every game, adding flavor to the gaming experience. We will analyze this app from different angles and then let you know if you should go for it or not so stay with us till the end!

What does Applob have to offer?



Applob is SSL certified which claims to be friendly, fast, and secure, however, we don’t know this yet. It offers a variety of modified versions of apps and games that you can easily download by using this platform. Applob app is also available to download for Android and iOS users. We will share the downloading process later in this article for the people who want to download it.

Applob app is popular among smartphone users because of its advanced options for modifying other installed apps. Furthermore, it requires very little space on the phone and the actual file size is 10 MB. There are several ways to obtain Applob. You can get it via the Google Play Store or go to the official website,, and then download it.

It is currently being used by millions of people around the world and it works best when you want to download something which is restricted in your region but we do not recommend downloading it from third-party links because the risk of scams and fraud increases when you use such links to download these type of apps.

How you can get Applob App?

Try to do thorough research before downloading this app or read the next heading to have an idea about this app. The downloading process is given below:

  •         First, you will need to find the authentic source and get a link of apk file from there.
  •         Now, download the app by clicking on that link.
  •         Make sure that you have enabled the option of downloading from unknown sources.
  •         After that, navigate to “Download” in your browser and tap the file after it has been downloaded.
  •         Install it and enjoy the modified versions of apps and games.

Is it safe to use Applob?

After going through many online platforms, we got to know that this website has an extremely low trust rating. As per Applob com reviews, this website looks suspicious. Our scam detector showed a 7 rank and as per its domain, this website is too young. It was registered a few weeks ago and has only recently gone live.

This makes it nearly impossible for a brand new site to launch the business, promote the services, get customers to buy and utilize them, and then take the time to give online evaluations. All in a very short period of time. However, nothing is confirmed and we are only sharing results based on our analysis, it could be a safe platform so do your research before starting using it

We cannot say right now that it is a scam but when any site looks suspicious, you should try to stay away from it. We will share some important details about Applob that might help you in making your decision.

  •         According to Alexa traffic rank, the website is ranked #1,778,424 out of millions of other websites.
  •         If the rank is less than 500K, the site has a lot of visitors, less than 5M has some traffic, and more than 15M has very little traffic.
  •         As per Alexa, a rank of 0 indicates that the website receives no traffic.
  •         It is a good sign that this website uses a valid HTTPS (SSL) connection which indicates that all the traffic between you and this website is encrypted.
  •         A restricted website could be involved in virus or spam activity so we have used numerous domain blocklists to examine this website and it seemed okay.
  •         If the site has a low WOT trust rating, it suggests that someone had a negative experience, however, Applob’s WOT trust rating rate is unknown.


We have shared all of the information about Applob in this article, and based on the above information, we concluded that this website is new and cannot be trusted. Although we haven’t found many negative reviews about this website, we recommend that you avoid such websites and always go for the authentic ones.

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