Best Practices YouTube channel promotion tactics

Best Practices YouTube channel promotion tactics

You’ll have started your views on youtube channel and have ideas for filling your content calendar for months. One error you may make is to think that viewers will find new content by themselves.

Most of the time, views and subscribers will not be easy, and you’ll need to figure out ways to market your YouTube videos. So let’s look at the various ways you can aid your channel to develop.

  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Email
  • Partnerships
  • YouTube ads
  • Playlists


We’ve mentioned before that YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet and, with the capabilities of a search engine, is the requirement for SEO. You’ll need to consider planning your SEO before creating your videos.

Making an effective YouTube SEO strategy first involves researching your keywords, competitors, and popular tags. Then comes the more technical components, including titles, thumbnails, and descriptions.

There are two significant advantages to implementing a YouTube SEO strategy:

Google Snippets and additional visibility

Since Google is the owner of YouTube when it determines the search query is better answered by videos, it will show YouTube videos it believes users might want to view.

An example of YouTube Video SEO appearing in Google search results.

Chance to be more prominent on YouTube recommendations

The higher your video’s SEO is, the higher the likelihood that YouTube’s YouTube algorithms will be able to recommend the video to your intended audience.

One example of a shop that is doing a fantastic job at YouTube SEO can be found at Chocolate Alchemy (under the username How to Make Chocolate at Home):

YouTube Marketing can improve the likelihood of your being mentioned on recommendation lists.

It uses specific keywords in its video’s description and title (even if it has its user name) that YouTube will recognize when someone uses Google or is searching for different phases of the chocolate-making process.

To learn more about YouTube SEO, check out YouTube SEO 101: How to Create an Effective YouTube Keyword Strategy.

Social media

After you’ve developed the SEO strategy, you’ll need to optimize your YouTube video and then upload it to YouTube, after which you’ll want to ensure that you spread the word. This is the role of social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram each offer excellent opportunities for cross-posting and recycling content.

This technique of cross-posting content from social media sites has the following advantages (not restricted to):

Increased reach. The three social media platforms mentioned have more than 4.5 billion users. Therefore, posting your video’s content on these platforms will pay more attention than simply posting to YouTube.

The chance to entice. When done correctly, posting via social networks can create interest and lead-generating “previews” of your video, especially when creating live videos before the scheduled time.

One company with impressive experience in cross-posting its content on social media platforms is Allbirds which you can find below:

Promote your YouTube channel and share your content on social media platforms like Allbirds

In this instance, it made the YouTube video that addressed the participants at the G7 summit. After that, on Twitter, it launched an account with a lead-in context connecting to its YouTube video at the conclusion.

Blog posts

Another advertising method on YouTube is to embed your videos within blog posts. Like we said earlier, the vlogs may be summary (or more detailed) videos of blog posts, or they could be added as supplementary content.

The primary benefit of using videos in blogs is that you will get visitors to your site from YouTube, and the video content in your blog posts will also help boost the SEO of the website. This is a win-win for your website and your YouTube channel.

One brand that has done an excellent job of this approach can be found in SUGAR Cosmetics:

Ensure you promote the YouTube channel you created by including videos in blog articles.

In the article above, SUGAR Cosmetics uses infographics, text, and a YouTube video to teach novice viewers how to highlight and contour. Interestingly, they have placed the video towards the lower part of the page so that those who aren’t certain can watch it in action.


You may not have considered it, but email is a great way to advertise your brand. The beauty in email marketing lies in the fact that you control your list of email subscribers and can contact subscribers with any email service provider. You’re not relying on the platforms of followers that often “go down” and become useless.

It is possible to promote YouTube via email in several different ways:

Embed a video into the email. You can add the YouTube video directly in your email to allow people to view it (which is still considered an actual view), or you can use an image thumbnail and then hyperlink it to YouTube.

Include a link to your YouTube channel in your signature. You must have a company signature that appears on the lower left of emails. Use this space for social icons, such as YouTube.

A newsletter feature. Whether sponsored or not, a part in a popular email newsletter can allow you to gain specific, niche reach.

Here’s an illustration that shows the name Too Many T-Shirts using a YouTube embed within its emails. The email also included a video tutorial about the best way to mark and organize your t-shirts for online posting.

There are too many YouTube-branded t-shirts in emails.


Also known in the industry as “collabs,” or collaborations On YouTube. Also known as collaborations or “collabs,” within the YouTube community, collaborating with other YouTube channels is an effective way to advertise your channel. click here

In general, you’ll need to cooperate with a channel with similar content or an audience, but this does not always need to be the scenario (as you’ll see in this example). In essence, you and other channel owners will create videos in conjunction with activities that are relevant to your offerings or talk about them. Each will upload their videos to their channels.

For instance, Beardbrand decided to collaborate with Chili Klaus, who is one of the Danish chili pepper experts, when he was in Denmark:

The image above is a screenshot of Beardbrand’s video. Below is the video of Klaus.

At first, the alliance seems unimportant (i.e., haircuts, hairstyles, and chili taste). But it turns out both have audiences similar to each other, primarily men interested in challenging themselves.

YouTube ads

You can also use YouTube ads for advertising your channel on YouTube, the platform itself. Google’s research shows that businesses that use YouTube video ads and Google Ads see 3% higher conversion rates on search results and a lower cost of acquisition for search as compared to those who use Google Ads alone.

Making an advertisement for your channel could be as straightforward as reusing your intro video to your channel. If you’d like to get more creative, it is possible to narrow your audience to those who are watching your competitors and then humorously entice people to join your way.


The final tip for promoting the popularity of your YouTube channel would be to make playlists. Making playlists for your channel will help in many ways:

Improved organization. If your customers want to view the content, you have created playlists to make it easier for them to find those videos.

Inspires viewers to continue watching videos. When a user is watching the video on the playlist, YouTube automatically plays next in the playlist, keeping them watching your channel instead of another.

Better discoverability. Even if your viewers don’t play the video on autoplay, the other videos in the playlist are more likely to be featured in the suggested videos column.

In our Beardbrand instance, the playlists are also more organized by putting playlist types together:

This can be helpful to viewers when they, for instance, prefer watching the same barber in a particular type of video because the barbers are listed on the initial playlist.

With lots of options for ways to market your YouTube channel, let’s take some time to consider how you can increase the value of your audience.

For more ideas to promote your YouTube channel, check out How to Get More YouTube Subscribers and take Your Channel to the next level.

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