Desert Safari Dubai an Adventure of Camel Ride in Desert

On a full-day Desert Safari Dubai through the desert dunes, you can see Dubai as it was 50 years ago. On a traditional camel convoy, you can enjoy a beautiful trip through the desert-like the ancient nomads did. This is the absolute way to find out where Bedouin travellers went. When you get to a Bedouin camp, enjoy the atmosphere created by the soft flames of traditional lamps set up in a private royal retreat. End the day with a delicious meal under the stars while history comes to life in a place that hasn’t changed much over time.

On this safari desert Dubai, you can see the best of Dubai. Start your day by getting to the desert in Dubai from Dubai, Ajman, or Sharjah. See a beautiful sunrise over the golden desert landscapes of the Middle East. Let our expert drivers take you on a crazy ride up and down some of the most extensive sand dunes in the world. Slide down these beautiful desert hills for a fun adventure. You can meet some local animals! For a truly unforgettable afternoon, ride a camel through Dubai’s golden desert. Dates and Arabian coffee are good snacks from the area. You can have an authentic Middle Eastern adventure on this beautiful desert safari day tour.


Camel Desert Safari

Take a traditional camel caravan through the desert and see why nomadic Bedouin people relied on these cute animals. We follow strict rules about animal care and only offer Camel Safaris in Dubai that are kind to animals. Camels are the oldest way to get around in the desert. They have known as “ships of the desert” because they quickly move across the sands. During your 45-minute trip through the desert, you will follow in the steps of Bedouin travellers and end up at a falcon show in the sand dunes. Watch as these beautiful birds fly toward a lure up to 390 km/h.

As the sun of Arabia goes down behind the sand dunes, sit back and enjoy the beautiful views of the desert. You can take great pictures with the falcons before going to an authentic Bedouin camp with soft lighting inside a private Royal desert retreat. Spend the night in a recreation of Dubai in the 1950s.



This crazy morning adventure in the ancient Arabian Desert is both a trip to see sights and an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride. Then it’s time to hit some sand dunes in a high-tech 4×4. You’ll soon understand what it means to go off-roading. Because the dunes move, no two visits are ever the same. Are you ready for more? Put your feet on a unique surfboard and cut your path through the dunes. Back at camp, clean up, ride a camel, and have a light brunch before returning to base. The UAE’s national animal is the camel. People in the area love having camels on their farms. In the UAE, there are many kinds of camels, but the Arabian camel is the most beautiful and sought-after.


Evening Camel Ride

The spirit of Arabian history lives on in Camel Ride. We planned the journey to Dubai to see the vast desert and learn about the local culture. There, you’ll begin your exciting journey through the sands. Then, at sunset, he will drop you off at our desert camp, where our friendly staff is waiting with sweet dates and fragrant Arabic tea. You can try the Arabic specialty, Sheesha. There are also stalls where you can get your hands painted with henna.  At the night’s end, talented Arabian belly dancers and Tanoura dancers put on a show, and a vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ dinner is at last. At the end of all memorable events, our drivers will drop you off at your door in comfortable cars.


Morning Camel Ride

A camel ride and a safari in the morning this desert adventure are full of fun, excitement, and cultural experiences. Explore the beauty of UAE’s Desert from a camel’s back! The unique location, landscape, and wide range of services will give you a real taste of Arabia. We recommend that camel trekking lasts at least 30 minutes in the morning or late afternoon when the temperature is more comfortable for our riders and the local wildlife is more active and easy to see. Even if you have never been on a camel before and don’t know how our guide will be happy to teach you and prepare you for a memorable ride. After you’ve been on a camel ride, we’ll take you 45 minutes into the desert to do Dune Bashing. Read More

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