Eco-friendly materials to choose in the making of packaging

Environmental issues like global warming, pollution, resource depletion, and climate change are significantly increasing these days. The major reason that gives rise to these problems is the accumulation of waste on the surface of the earth. Most of the brands are therefore switching towards eco-friendly forms of packaging to protect our environment.  In addition to providing protection to our surroundings, the custom eco-friendly packaging boxes also provide a particular brand with significant benefits. These boxes are renewable and recyclable and effectively cuts down the amount of expenditure required in the packaging processes. The packaging of items is a very important component that determines their sales. If we opt for eco-friendly means of packaging, we can ensure our sincerity towards our environment. That will definitely impress the consumers and allow them to purchase the products of that particular brand.

1.   Recycled Packaging material

Recycled packaging is the most common form of packaging in the industry. Through recycling, we can give a second life to already utilized material. These bio-degradable materials can effectively conserve natural resources and reduce the accumulation of wastes on the surface of the earth. The manufacturers make custom boxes from recyclable materials and use them in the packaging of numerous items. Mostly retailers manufacture mailer boxes by utilizing recycled materials and are one of the most common form of packaging.

2.   Corrugated Packaging material

The boxes that manufacturers design using corrugated packaging materials are abundantly used in the packaging industry. Manufacturers generally obtain the fibers of these boxes  from trees. We can recycle the custom eco-friendly packaging boxes up to up to 7 times. The boxes manufactured from corrugated materials are very durable and resistant. The sellers ship items packaged inside these boxes to larger distances in their ideal conditions.

3.   Kraft Paper Packaging material

Manufacturers generally obtain Kraft paper from wood pulp. All the materials involved in the composition of this packaging material are highly renewable and recyclable. That makes the packaging boxes manufactured from Kraft paper entirely eco-friendly and safer for the environment. Furthermore, these packaging boxes are completely customizable. Brand owners modify these boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the requirements. Kraft packaging boxes are involved in the packaging of several items including edible products.

4.   Corn-starch Packaging material

As the name depicts, this packaging constitutes corn starch in its composition. This packaging form is obtained from polylactic acid. Corn starch packaging material proves to be a sustainable, easy-to-use, and cheap form of packaging. The boxes manufactured from this material are considered to be cost-effective and are preferred in the packaging of food items.

5.   Cellulose Packaging material

The boxes that are manufactured using cellulose packaging are obtained from natural sources. This material is highly bio-degradable and recyclable which makes it an environmentally friendly packaging type. Cellulose packaging is one of the most  successful alternative to plastic because we can completely recycle and renew them multiple times. The brands that opt for the cellulose packaging boxes provide their products with complete resistance to heat and moisture.

Significance of Eco-friendly materials in the packaging industry

By the utilization of custom eco-friendly packaging boxes, we can save our environment from various toxic substances. In addition to protecting the environment, eco-friendly material also reduces shipping rates. The boxes manufactured from these packaging types require less material and are light in weight. This makes these eco-friendly boxes an ideal choice for the transportation and shipment of items.

The retailers deliver the items packaged inside these boxes to the clients in their perfect condition. These materials can effectively reduce the carbon footprint as we can recycle them multiple times. However, some materials have limitations. Companies recycle or renew them once or twice. Out of all the packaging materials, the companies mostly recycle corrugated material up to 7 times. That makes this material most appropriate and widely utilized in the packaging industry. The eco-friendly packaging boxes aid a particular brand to generate greater revenues with minimum investments. These sustainable packaging types can create awareness among the people about environmental issues like pollution and global warming. By the utilization of these packaging boxes, any brand can improve its reputation in the market.

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