House Shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai

Since you are considering house shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, you must be restless thinking about the colossal task that you have to accomplish. Do not be tensed as I have got you the 9 most brilliant hacks for house shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai. Check the subsequent pointers for knowing in detail:

1. Consolidate a plan

When you want to shift your house from one city to another located far away from each other, you have to strengthen up your planning game. You cannot conduct an elaborate activity like house shifting without a proper plan. The major features of the moving plan comprise deciding the date of the move and the budget of the move. When deciding the date of the move, you should fix it at least 45 days from the current date. You will need a month and a half to prepare for the move. While fixing the budget for the move, make sure that your usual expenses are not affected.

2. Prepare an inventory

You should indeed spend your money wisely; spend your time being wiser. Money can come back if you work hard but the time that you have already spent will not come back anyhow. So, make sure that you utilise the 45 days in a prudent way. Start preparing for moving from Bangalore to Mumbai as soon as you finish planning. Prepare and inventory for the house shifting. Enlist all the shifting chores and allot them amidst the 45 days. Complete the chores accordingly and be sorted when the day of the move arrives.

3. Subtract the unnecessary items

Roll your eyes around through your room and see if you need everything in front of you. You can find out a lot of things that are unnecessary for you. The same goes for your entire house; there are unending numbers of things that will serve you no purpose at all. It is pointless carrying them to Mumbai spending extra moving costs. Instead, subtract them from the household and keep your move crisp and small comprising of essentials. You can sell, donate, or discard unnecessary things from your house in Bangalore. This will help you in reducing your house shifting charges and you can manage fewer things better.

4. Employ the packers and movers

When you are house shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, you are going to have to manage a lot of loose ends at the same time. Therefore, you can lose your patience and feel exhausted. Instead, employ the packers and movers and watch your worries shoo away. The professional packers and movers have the knack of packing your belongings in the appropriate way and they know how to stack up the packing boxes one on top of each other. They will deliver your belongings to Mumbai at the scheduled time and they will take care of your belongings so that they don’t get damaged on the way.

5. Secure your valuables

When you are conducting a house shifting, remember to secure the valuables in the house by yourself. You cannot entrust the packers and movers to handle your precious jewellery, expensive watches, costly electronic gadgets, and sensitive documents. You should put them in a bag and keep them locked in your wardrobe. When you travel from Bangalore to Mumbai with your family, you should carry a bag with you.

6. Put up an overnight box

An overnight box should have your dental kit, towels, some toiletries, a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, bedspreads, and some medicines if needed. The overnight box serves a fruitful purpose on the first day after you shift to your new house. It contains all the essentials that you will need on that day. So, in case you forget to pack an overnight kit while house shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, be ready to rummage through the boxes to find the essentials when you will need them.

7. Get moving insurance

The biggest advantage of employing packers and movers for your move is the availability of moving insurance. Don’t make the mistake of not getting insured during long-distance moves. If you avail of moving insurance, you are assuring the safety of your goods on the go. Your moving company will bear all the expenses of compensating your damages if anything wrong happens during the move. You need to avail yourself of moving insurance when you are signing the moving contract with your packers and movers in Bangalore. They will settle all the monetary claims of loss or damage to your belongings. They will replace, repair, or reimburse the money for your losses.

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8. Manage the utilities

While shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, you have to manage the utilities on your own. Packers and movers cannot assist you in this matter so you cannot wait till your moving day for managing utilities. Call the utility providers in Bangalore to terminate your utility services on the moving day after you depart from your current home. Contact the new utility service providers in Mumbai and ask them to connect you with new utilities from the day of your arrival. Don’t forget to manage the utilities; or else you have to stay without electricity, water, gas, trash pick-up, internet, and DTH.

9. Track your consignment

During your long-distance move from Bangalore to Mumbai, you have to be careful about the safety of your goods as much as possible. Moving insurance will get you monetary compensation for your damaged or lost products; it cannot get your belongings back to you. There is a sentimental value related to your belongings and hence you care for them. If you want to stay updated about the whereabouts of your belongings, you should track your consignment. Ask the packers and movers in Bangalore to provide you with the tracking number of your goods on the way. Stay updated and stay content as your belongings get transported to Mumbai.

The Final Outcome

When you are house shifting from Bangalore to Mumbai, you will have to be proactive in the entire process. However, your packers and movers in Bangalore will help you in the intercity house shifting so that it is perfect. Follow the aforesaid 9 most brilliant hacks to shift your house from Bangalore to Mumbai for a planned and easy move. Good luck!

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