How to Find Romanian Series online

If you are not familiar with Romanian television, this article will help you find some great series to watch. You may enjoy the Umbre series, Comrade Detective, or Stefan Cel Mare. We have also listed some of our favorite Seriale Romanesti. Check them out and get hooked! Listed below are some Romanian movies that you might want to check out! We hope these series will be as entertaining as the originals! So go forth and enjoy the culture and language of Romania!


The Umbre series is a Romanian crime drama that follows a cab driver, Relu Oncescu, who juggles his life as a family man with his double life as a mob enforcer. During the course of the series, Relu learns about a mysterious woman and meets her family. Relu, who has lived with her family for years, is thrown into the world of the underworld when she asks him to mentor his son.

serialelatimp Europe is bringing Umbre to the European market in an effort to expand their distribution of popular TV shows. The eight-part series is a Romanian remake of the popular Australian crime drama Small Time Gangster. It premieres in Romania on Dec. 28 and will be screened in 14 European territories, including the Netherlands. As a part of its commitment to developing local talent, the series will feature Romanian actor Serban Pavlu as the title character, Relu Oncescu.

Comrade Detective

“Comrade Detective” is an excellent example of satire rooted in conservative principles. It’s a satire of Communist entertainment, which emphasized statist values over market forces. It consistently pokes fun at anti-Americanism, and its plotline has a distinctly European tone. As a result, it’s a must-see for any fan of Romanian TV.

The first season of “Comrade Detective” featured mostly Romanian actors, with the dialogue dubbed over by English-speaking actors. The result is an entertaining buddy-cop series that makes its audience think about politics and capitalism while simultaneously making them laugh. The first season was action-packed, with the murder of NIKITA Ionesco, a fellow police officer. The storyline evolved to reveal the subversive plot against Romania, and the characters’ ultimate enemy is Capitalism.

As satire, “Comrade Detective” is far more relevant in 2017 than in past eras, with its political themes and humor. While the series’ premise has similarities to the West German version of the TV show Tatort and East Germany’s Police Call 110, it is a wholly original show. The wacky idea behind it is enough to draw viewers in. It’s an interesting watch for anyone who’s into politics, history, and propaganda.

The Clan

How to Find Romanian series? Romanian television series are now stepping out of their telenovela and sitcom roots and bringing local reality to viewers, giving them extra reason to stay tuned to their television screens. Crime-drama series like “Relu” have a bit of dark comedy. The series follows cab driver Relu (Serban Pavlu), who is determined to escape the world of crime.

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Rux, the daughter of a mobster, is planning to leave her hometown forever. However, her plans change when her father’s health worsens. She decides to help her father by suggesting a candidate who is a former champion ice skater. Relu’s father is a former ice skater who is now managing a large indoor mall, and the young employee holds him responsible for a tragic event in the past.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Romanian TV series can be an excellent source of entertainment. Watching a crime series can help you learn Romanian words and phrases. In “Red Devils”, the corrupt owner of a failing football team and a rundown textile factory is locked up, and his wife takes control of the football team and factory. The players quickly adapt to their new role. Watching a Romanian series will give you a taste of what life is like for a Romanian in the country.

Stefan Cel Mare

A Romanian tourist destination that boasts warm water is worth a visit, especially in the hotter months of July and August. The water at Stefan cel Mare averages 69degF on average. In August, temperatures reach as high as 78degF. On the other hand, December is cooler, with an average of forty-one degrees. That’s the perfect temperature to enjoy a swim. However, you should be aware of the risks associated with the area’s water temperatures.

There are two main types of weather charts for Stefan cel Mare: daytime and nighttime. A black line indicates the number of hours during which the Sun will be visible, while a white band means it will be nighttime. During the summer, the earliest sunrise in Stefan cel Mare is on June 15 at 5:22 AM. The latest sunset in this region is on June 26 at 8:58 PM. During the year 2022, Romania will observe daylight saving time. This change will take place on March 27 for 7.1 months and end on October 30.

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