How to recognize a good wall tile for the kitchen?

Tiles are available in an endless variety of colors, patterns, styles and materials. Choosing the right tile for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but it can be easy if you consider the space you plan to tile and how it is to be used. When you choose practical tiles, you can rely on your own sense of style and have a kitchen wall that you will admire and envy your neighbors for years to come.


Decide which part of your kitchen walls you want to tile. Placing tiles behind the sink and stove can affect your choices. On the backsplash, the best tiles have a choice of smooth, easy-to-wipe surfaces. These areas develop grease buildup and splatter with normal daily use of your kitchen. A tile with an uneven surface, such as traditional bricks, is extremely difficult to clean, while coated ceramic tiles are easy to brush and wipe clean.


Choose a color that you can not only live with now, but also in the future. If you’re not sure you’ll like this shade not only in your current black and pink kitchen but also in your future kitchen, then you don’t want to choose hot pink tiles. Laying stick on brick tiles takes a lot of time and money, so you’ll want to invest in a durable tile. Unless you plan on remodeling your kitchen every decade, stay away from trendy tiles and stick with classic patterns and colors.


On the other hand, do not choose plain white pottery that you have enough for the next 10 years. Combine functionality, durability and creativity to create your perfect space. Think about the ultimate “feel” you want in your kitchen. For a modern look, look for glass mosaic tiles. Try a smooth surface for a natural look. You can even use pewter tiles to add a touch of old world charm. The overall goal should be to match your personal tastes with a practical and durable decorative approach. If you’re not sure what you prefer, flip through some decorating magazines and cut out the pictures you like. Try to match these pictures with the tiles you find in the store.

The main benefits of backsplashes are:

1) Prevent walls from being damaged by greasy dirt or water

2) Give the coated surface an attractive and decorative design

3) They are considered an easy-to-clean surface. Backsplashes can dramatically refresh the look of any bathroom or kitchen design, even without changing anything.

Using these pebble backs can easily transform any wall design as you can easily find a wide mix of pebble backs in many hues, shapes and textures making them the perfect solution for transforming bathrooms and kitchens to look modern and look impressive. These particular natural stones come in varying smoothness and thickness, so it’s important to keep in mind when searching.

Designing a backsplash is considered an easy task,

As no special professional or technical skills are required. The installation process is the same as the installation of conventional ceramics; however, it is important to check that the grout is compatible with the tiles. No need to actually hire or be an expert, all you need for installation is basically simple items like epoxy cement, trowel, sponge and caulk. Most people can complete the installation process in just a few hours.

Bright and bold accents

Bright and light colors, which are popular interior options, take their place in the bathroom. For energetic walls, choose from rich hues such as burgundy, sunny yellow, cheerful yellow or vibrant blue-green. If you prefer bright accents in a neutral space, a monochrome gray floor with colorful accents will make the bathroom look as modern as your living room.

Inspiration from the sea

It is nothing new for bathroom colors to be inspire by the refreshing blues and greens of the sea or a deeply reflective swimming pool. But what is new is the select tones and their application. Rich shades of light turquoise blue, cool sea foam green and deep purple are use individually or together in ceramic or glass tile, wall colors, wall art, towels and accessories, or wall color.


Brown and blue

Brown and blue remain a popular combination that balances the cooling and soothing appeal of blue with the grounded warmth of brown. The combination can be use on walls – paint one wall brown and the other blue, or mix and match pattern tiles on the floor, backsplash, shower stall or walls. Brown cabinets with blue glass tiles add sophistication. Brown trends are shifting from chocolate to lighter shades like caramel and cinnamon.

Blue and white

The bright and classic blue and white palette conveys the nautical appeal of boats floating in the harbor under clear, sunny skies. Cabana stripes in blue and white, blue and white plaids, or soft beach glass hues mixed with white and sand are popular soothing color combinations.

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