Best Ideas for Ceiling Lightings According to Place

If you are distressed about the old ceilings which is also peeling at the same time? Well, worry not. The stretch ceiling lighting is here to uplift the aesthetic of the place. You can easily use the stretch ceilings these days to completely transform a place. There are tons of shapes and forms can be created using these designs. This is true for malls as well since the design is the first thing people check in a mall.

Below we have discussed the three most common types of stretch ceilings.

stretch ceiling lighting
stretch ceiling lighting

1. Transparent Or Plain Ceiling

Having a plain ceiling will ensure that you get ample lighting and use minimum LEDs to provide sufficient lighting for the room. That is why many office buildings and conference rooms use transparent ceilings for lighting when they have a stretch ceiling.

Though their reason for having a stretch ceiling is anything but having a falling ceiling, it is still an excellent option to maintain the working environment without having any distractions for the employees. In fact, in a conference room, having any other kind of stretch ceiling lighting will destroy the professionalism of the hosts and give the wrong implication to the clients.

2. Glossy Ceiling Lighting

In any fancy place, or sometimes even in homes with high-raised ceilings, people get glossy stretch ceiling lighting. This gives the place a fancy look and as well as allows variations in lighting color. In houses or party clubs, glossy ceilings are used to bring about a party vibe. Most of these places have a brightness control for the lights, and some of them even have options for different colours.

Each colour sets a mood for something amongst the people in a room, and the diming of lights bring the same vibe to match the rest of the house. They are also used in the party halls of restaurants and other places that hold large gatherings for fun events. 

3. Designed Ceilings

stretch ceiling lighting
stretch ceiling lighting

Not everyone requires a plain ceiling; neither do they want a glossy ceiling to distract the customers. That is why the designed stretch ceiling lighting is used in malls and other social places. They are a source of attraction to not only kids but also adults in the same way. Most often, it is the colourful or attractive lighting that brings people’s attention to a particular store. This is true for malls as well since the design is the first thing people check in a mall.

One can even have 3D ceiling designs with fun things like space, sky, or ocean being the theme for it. It’ll keep the guests and customers entertained, especially when you play with the colours. In malls, people change the lighting according to the time and make sure that the stretch ceiling lighting reflects that on the floor because of the fabric ceiling.

What to keep in mind?

Well, as you are opting for the stretch ceiling lightings, you need to keep the following points in mind.

  • There must be a lighting transmission through the lighting translucent stretch ceiling. The light transmission is very important and it must be at least fifty percent.
  • There must be a good distance between the LED lighting and translucent stretch ceiling.
  • It is always better to use energy sources that are energy efficient.
  • The installation process of the backlight such as LED strips and modules must be very easy.
  • Always use the best quality LED modules or strips.

Though nowadays fabric ceiling does not use fabric for false ceiling, the concept remains the same, with PVC material being used instead. Along with using PVC, several designs are being included, and creativity is flying out and about in aspects of stretch ceiling lighting.

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