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A country’s economy is determine by the banking system present in the country. Moreover, an individual can avail various financial services like applying for a loan or a credit card from any bank in the country. From small finance to cooperative banking there are various private as well as public sector banks in the country. The Government of India has also announce merger of various banks over the years throughout the country. Recently, the government has also launch the Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana, after which numerous savings accounts have been open across various banks in the country. However, selecting a bank from the top banks in India in order to avail financial services can be a difficult choice.

List of Top Banks in India

There are numerous banks in India where you can open your savings bank account or avail other financial services. The list of the best banks in the country are as follows:

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Incorporate in 1994, in Mumbai Maharashtra, HDFC is the biggest bank in India. With the amount of total assets that are own by this bank, it is the largest private sector bank in India. With having more than 5500 branches and 13500 ATMs across the country, the bank provides employment to around 1 lakh individuals in the nation. You can avail a number of financial services from this bank like apply for a credit card, HDFC savings account, personal loan, home loan, vehicle loan, insurance plans, etc.

ICICI Bank Ltd.

The ICICI Bank is at the 2nd place for the best banks in the country. Found in 1994, in Vadodara Gujarat, ICICI bank has more than 5000 branches and 15000 plus ATMs across India. This results in generating employment for around 1 lakh people in the country. There are various kinds of financial services that are being offer by the bank like a savings account, investment banking solutions, insurance, credit cards, loans and various other services. Moreover, ICICI Bank also has various overseas branches in countries like the USA, Canada, Singapore, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, China, South Africa, Hong Kong, parts of the UK, Qatar, etc.

Axis Bank Ltd.

Formerly known as UTI, Axis Bank is at the 3rd place for best banks in the country. Being a private label bank, Axis was incorporate in the year 1993, with headquarters in Ahmedabad. Axis Bank has been reward on various occasions for providing best banking services amongst all the other private banks in the country. There are numerous bank branches of Axis Bank in India and across other parts of the world as well. You can avail numerous financial services of various sectors ranging from savings to insurance to loans and credit cards. Moreover, you can also operate your stock investing portfolio by the assistance of this bank. 

IndusInd Bank

Although the bank was found in 1994, the IndusInd bank is one of the most popular banks in the new generation because of its financial services. IndusInd bank has its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. Moreover, the bank has more than 1500 bank branches and around 2400 ATMs across the country. Apart from that, IndusInd bank also has its branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and London. One of the major reasons for gaining popularity amongst the young generation was the kind of services that were being provide by this bank. Customers had the privilege of choosing their own account numbers, choice of currency that would be withdrawn from the ATM, Debit and credit card options and numerous other services.

These are some of the best banks in India, where you can avail numerous financial services. Moreover, on the basis of the Saving Account Interest Rate, you can open a savings account and deposit money to earn interest. However, it is advisable to compare the interest rates on savings account from various banks before opening an account in order to get the best return on your money.

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