Live Shopping On YouTube The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Live Shopping On YouTube The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Demos and tutorials

Tutorials are a way for content creators to demonstrate their knowledge of a product. These tutorials often include upselling and combining products with others. Click here, this opens up opportunities for cross-selling and collaboration. This format is most well-known for its makeup tutorials.

Interviews and Questions and answers (Q&As).

Interview formats not only increase product awareness but also drive traffic. Interviews are a way to humanize influencers and content creators by shifting the focus from product promotion to real and personal stories. This format includes Q&As and Ask Me Anything segments.


Behind-the-scenes are more detailed than the other formats. They give a glimpse into the beginnings of a company. This is a great way to build trust and loyalty for content creators, especially if the cause they are creating is essential to their audience.

Game live streaming

You can tap into one of the most important niche markets in ecommerce today with a live broadcast of video games. This format isn’t restricted to niche brands. Live streaming video is a great way to promote your product regardless of industry. It’s okay to be you and show off a little.

Interactive classes or live event

Live events and classes are a great way to increase your audience and viewership. You can engage your viewers longer by engaging them with giveaways, announcements and reveals. Livestream giveaways can be hosted, and the winners are chosen by viewers on-air.

Start your Livestream

There are many ways to Livestream, depending on the format you choose.

To create a mobile Livestream

Open YouTube on your mobile device.

Tap Create and then choose Go Live.

Tap More Options and select Show Options to change the live chat option, monetization, or age restriction. After you are satisfied, click Next.

Tap Create a channel and then select to share screen.

To start your live Stream, tap Go Live.

To end your Stream, tap Finish. This Stream will be archived and added to your channel.

You can watch a live stream of the Webcam:


Sign in to YouTube using your browser

Click on the upper right and then click Go Live.

Click Webcam in the menu to the left.

You can create a title and description for your Livestream and choose your privacy settings. You can click More options to access more settings. Click Next once you are satisfied with your arrangement.

Select the right microphone and Webcam.

Click Go Live.

When you are done, click End stream at the bottom. It archives automatically if your Stream is shorter than 12 hours.

For streaming with an encoder


Go to YouTube Studio using your browser.

Click on the upper right and then click Go Live.

Click on the tab to select Stream.

Connect your Stream to your encoder to go live.

To stop streaming from your encoder, end the Livestream. Streams that are shorter than 12 hours will be archived automatically.

YouTube Live Features

YouTube Livestreaming Features to Use

Although it can be tempting to open your camera and Stream, YouTube Live offers many great features that enhance your Livestream.


Go Live Together

You can invite someone to join your show via this collaborative feature. Like any other Livestream, this feature allows you to track your analytics using YouTube Studio. All ad revenues, including pre- or mid-roll ads, go to the host channel.

Cross-Channel Live Redirects

You can direct your subscribers to a live stream or a premiere if you have more than 1,000 subscribers. Another channel hosts this video you play live. This feature allows for more collaboration, and influencers can provide great value. Check now


Highlights allow you to share a shorter edited version of your Livestream. You can bookmark the section you want to highlight by adding the stream marker whenever something happens in your Livestream. When you make your highlights, your markers will be visible on the video timeline.


If you wish to monetize your Stream, you can enable ads on your channel. Before ads appear on your video, you must meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Advertisements can be turned on for individual videos, channel memberships, and your entire channel.

Super Stickers and Super Chat

These features enable you and your audience to connect through live chat. Super Chat can highlight your messages, and you can also use Super Stickers to interact with your viewers via digital or animated images.

Tips to succeed in a YouTube Livestream

Know your audience

Knowing your audience and their influences are essential before launching any marketing strategy. Always live simultaneously with your audience. YouTube Analytics can give you insight into the most active hours of your viewers.

Prepare and plan

Although improvisation is a great way to show your personality, it can also help you shine professionally. One way to maximize your time and manage it better is to write a script. Pre-live streaming is a great way to catch mishaps and eliminate nervous jitters.

Promote your Livestream

Without spreading the word, you can’t get traction. Here are some strategies to get people excited for your Livestream:

Schedule your Livestream. This will enable your audience to schedule reminders and clear their calendar just in time for you.

Your branding assets can be used to highlight your live Stream on your social media channels. Your YouTube Channel Art (also known as your YouTube Banner) can be used.

Make a trailer. A brief preview of your Livestream will increase your audience’s excitement. This will increase your reach.

Make sure to test your equipment.

Although it may seem obvious, knowing the basics will help you avoid embarrassing situations.

A broken stream is not something anyone wants to see. You can avoid problems by running a speed test and ensuring you have an alternate internet connection to your leading network.

The best Webcam and microphone ensure the highest quality Livestream. Professional-grade hardware is essential, especially for higher production value events. Wirecast is a software encoding program that can be used to create high-quality live video.


  1. Ensure you have your encoder set up at least two hours before starting a stream. Your encoders should be set up at least 15 minutes before your live broadcast.
  2. Before streaming, make sure you have a preview.
  3. Ensure that your event is accessible from mobile devices.

Engage your audience

Encourage audience participation. Keep the conversation going by engaging in the comments. This is another way to discover potential topics for your next Livestream. Incentivizing your viewers can help you provide value to them. You can make sure they get valuable insight at the end. You can offer a discount or special deal on your product.

Analyze your performance

You can check if your Livestream was successful. Your audience’s average view length, concurrent views and chat rate are key performance indicators. You’ll see different metrics depending upon the streaming device you use.

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