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Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or you’d like to improve the overall aesthetics of your home, Modrego home Interior designers have you covered. With years of experience, their designers know what it takes to transform a house into a beautiful, comfortable place. They work with you to develop a design that fits your tastes and preferences. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a designer.

Kathryn Ireland

A celebrated designer and writer, Kathryn M. Ireland has designed homes for celebrities and A-listers. Her designs have appeared in publications such as Elle Decor, Vogue, and Travel & Leisure. She has been featured on a variety of television shows, including “Million Dollar Decorators” and “Travel & Leisure’s Millionaire Decorators.” Her design philosophy combines bespoke custom design with bold color and a lack of conventionality.

For remodeling or building a new home, Modrego home Interiors can help. Their designers are skilled in Spanish and are available for pre-construction consultations. In addition, they offer a wide range of interior design services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They are updated on market trends to provide the best results. For more information on their services and portfolio, contact them through their website or social media pages.

Sandra Modrego

Home interiors by Sandra Modrego are a striking combination of art and function. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sandra Modrego creates pieces based on the representation of the body in society. An advocate for freedom and authenticity, she explores the body and how it can be expressed through colours. Her recent series, Le Corps, explores the body’s freedom from social conventions and represents it as a pure subject of beauty.

Another of Sandra Modrego’s most striking projects is the front door, which was once a simple utilitarian piece. By painting her signature figure on the back of the door, she transformed it into a stunning focal point. Similarly, her use of vibrant colors on crown molding in the sitting room makes it pop against the white walls. This bold use of color adds a tropical touch to the home’s interior.

A Barcelona-based designer, Sandra Modrego draws inspiration from the representation of the body in society. As a passionate supporter of women’s freedom, her work uses bold colours and a sense of emotion to capture the viewers’ imaginations. Through her paintings, Modrego hopes to make people feel comfortable with their own bodies and celebrate the diversity of human form. Her new series, Le Corps, explores the concept of the body as pure subjectivity and beauty. Join the Dak Prescott House community and transform your living space.

Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull

The interiors of the home of a prominent Spanish interiors designer, Juan Moreno Lopez-Calull (pictured), reflect the owner’s eclectic style. A well-designed open floor plan evokes the owner’s active lifestyle, and a frieze by creates harmony and ties the entire house together. In addition to mixing classic and contemporary styles, the home juxtaposes restraint with generosity.

The kitchen is a stunning example of Juan’s attention to detail. Its sleek lines and eclectic furniture make it a work of art, and the oversized dining table doubles as a meeting and presentation space. Juan’s love for art translates into his home’s design. Juan is a native of Barcelona and has worked in the Spanish capital for the last 10 years.

John Brown Projects

The Barcelona-based firm is an example of an interior design studio that takes its inspiration from classic, rustic and modern elements. Their logo, combining ultra-modern and classic elements, embodies their vision for a unique living space. They also make sure to incorporate a neighborhood guide into the space. A brief look at their work will give you a better idea of their aesthetic ethos and approach to design.

The hotel lobby is bright and airy, with a central curved bar. A large oversized dining table serves as a meeting and presentation space. The room also features a comfortable leather sofa and matching rugs. The interior design is warm, yet cosmopolitan.

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