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Every store that offers beauty and cosmetic products has now a website. With websites, sales become easier for them. From stores, only the people living in those areas and cities can purchase but websites make it easier to shop online wherever you are. The Ordinary brand also has its website from where people anywhere around the globe can order products online. The ordinary skincare series contains serums that cover all issues be it eye area, dark circles, wrinkles, acne, etc. The good thing about ordinary products is that they can be used for any skin type and results are visible with regular use. 

Besides the production of serums for skin care series, they also have a cleanser-type product named “The Ordinary – Peeling solution” for performing any sort of facial treatment – especially recommended for acne skins. It also works as basic everyday skin care, the application of fifteen minutes leaves your skin soft, fresh, and ready for the day.

Below mentioned are stores that have websites also for serving people anywhere in Pakistan. The Ordinary range of skincare, makeup, and hair care series can be purchased at affordable prices.

The Ordinary products are available at with great deals and discounts. They are offering free delivery on orders above Rs,1000. Other than Ordinary skin care, other brands’ great deals are also available. For any doubt or query, the customer can contact them on their 24/7 customer service contact number. They do offer the service of consultation before placing an order. The consultation makes it easier for customers to have knowledge about the product. Secondly, they can also grab the knowledge about which product suits the skin for later order placing. The delivery process takes 3-5 working days. To enjoy shopping at great discounts, is a must place to be visited. Also, it is highly recommended because of its professional services.

Roop Singhar

Roop Singhar has its physical store in Lahore and the website brings the flexibility for people from other cities to place orders with them. At Roop Singhar, we can find all cosmetic products in a great range. They give reasonable discounts, but it varies from customer to customer. They cover products from all the brands whether they are international or national. One good fact, they do promote new brands by selling their products. High-quality jewelry, accessories, and bangles are also available at their store. The Ordinary skincare series can be purchased from Roop Singhar at affordable prices. Although, their prices are negotiable. 

World of Bag Gallery

Bag Gallery is one of the well-known and famous online beauty websites. Currently, they are offering Independence Day sales on all products available on their website. They cover everything at their website apart from makeup, skincare, or hair care, they also have clothing brands, accessories, and tools required for hair or skin care purpose. They also offer customers sourced clothes and wrist watches from brands like Shien at affordable prices. The customers do not need to worry about their authentication because they can have a look at the product before receiving it when the order arrives at the doorstep. They give amazing deals and discounts. is mostly recommended by the people residing in Islamabad and Karachi. They do have their website which offers customers the best skincare, makeup, and hair care series. For building stronger bonds with their valuable customers, they have set their stalls on various exhibitions in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Vegas is recommended by the actresses of Pakistan. On their website, people can find short reels or tutorials for skincare, makeup, and hair care. With every order or deal, they give away small gifts. Also, they set certain online games or contests, upon winning the contestant receives a hamper from Vegas. They give a fun moment to their customers and attract them to experience


With time, for the growth of a business or brand website has become mandatory. All of the above-mentioned websites, offer products at great deals and affordable prices. Each website is known for its professional staff and amazing quality of work. But if one wants the shopping experience to turn out as exciting and fun, is highly recommended. Ordinary products can be purchased from anywhere in the world because of the website each store has. The Ordinary skincare products can be purchased at Cozmetica at affordable prices, an amazing experience, and fewer delivery charges. For an amazing experience, fewer delivery charges and quick delivery Cozmetica is a must-try. Also, if you are the one who saves a lot of money for shopping and still you can’t afford anything due to the high prices, then is the right place for you.

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