Things to do in Fujairah: Top Water Sport Activities

A little day tour on a show cruise never hurt anyone.

With all the amenities regarding things to do in Fujairah having the Dibba Dhows are very comfortable. Food, soft Majlis seats, and a large area make it an excellent place for a day out with friends or a date.

Doesn’t it sound great to spend all day on the ocean waves and swim with small but beautiful fish? You can swim, snorkel, fish, and take tours of the rocks, among other things, all in one place. So, put on your swimsuits and head to pirates. East Coast tourism can help you book shows.

This is a day to take it easy and enjoy Arabian hospitality. You can get the most out of your day in the Omani Gulf if you leave Dubai early. You can see beautiful scenery as you drive past the mountains on the eastern coast of the UAE, around Fujairah.

As you sail along the coast, look at the dramatic cliffs, White Mountains because of the salt, caves that open up, and secluded beaches. The water in the Indian Ocean is clear and clean, so you can jump in for a refreshing swim or use the snorkel gear on the boat to look for sea creatures.

Fly away and parasail. Where? Khorfakkan Beach, Fujairah

We all wish we could fly, so why not make it happen now? You can go parasailing on most beaches and at many resorts in Fujairah. At Khorfakkan Beach in Fujairah, prices start at AED135 and go up.

Why don’t you do it? Stop waiting and take to the air.

Not all beaches have places to go parasailing. At Fujairah Khorfakkan Beach, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a price that isn’t too bad. Many online stores sell coupons for these kinds of things.

  • Parasailing duration: 8-10 minutes
  • The price of the ticket includes the cost of renting a life jacket


Let’s go fishing! Where? Fujairah International Marine Club

The Fujairah International Marine Club is on the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates, about an hour and fifteen minutes by car from the center of Dubai. Make sure to book your boats before they go out on their trips. This area has a wide variety of fish, such as marlin, sailfish, bonito, yellowfin tuna, and Dorado, which you can all catch for lunch.

The captain for the day greets as gets on the “Yellowfin,” a 38-foot ocean boat, at the Fujairah International Marine Club as the sun rises. As speed away from the marina, the water is much deeper in Fujairah because it is on the Gulf of Oman, and there are fewer nets and traps there. The emirate is the best place to fish from the middle of May. But Dubai is better now because it is more relaxed and the water is getting shallower and just warming up.

Out at sea, see the truth of the UAE’s oil industry as boat sails by dozens of huge tankers, some of which have been parked offshore for months, according to the skipper. Even though they may be ugly, they give shade and a place for many marine species to live and breed. Fishing takes patience and skill. ¬†Undoubtedly, the first catch is the most exciting and gets the adrenaline going. It’s hard work to catch the fish.

After a bit of a fight, catch a beautiful electric blue female Dorado, which calls the “chicken of the sea” because its meat is soft and there aren’t many bones.

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At Snoopy Island, you can dive, snorkel, and do much more.

You can go to the heavenly island from the private beach of the Sandy Beach Hotel in Fujairah and dive or snorkel significantly. You can touch live corals, parrot fish, and other sea creatures. It’s BREATHTAKING!

The waters around Snoopy Island are a great place to dive because they are full of beautiful coral reefs, shipwrecks, and marine life. The water is warm all year, making it a great place to dive.

Snoopy Island is a great place to go scuba diving because the waters around it are full of beautiful coral reefs and much marine life.

The Sandy Beach Dive Centre has services and gear for experienced divers and people who have never dived. Customers can also take driving courses, keep learning how to dive or go on a one-time diving trip for fun in the waters around the island, depending on their needs.

  • Do you think diving is too dangerous? You can rent snorkeling gear at the Beach Hut outside the resort. It’s cheaper and more affordable to get close to local sea life without going too deep. Near Snoopy Island, thrill-seekers can ride banana boats, parasailing, or play bingo. There’s something for everyone who needs a rush.
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