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Industrial tools shop is your one-stop e-commerce, mobile commerce, and brick-and-mortar solution for all your home improvement, masonry, automotive, and industrial tool requirements.  We are a family-owned enterprise, with a product offering of over 100,000 products in Plumbing & Threading, Material Handling, Concrete Equipment, Loading Dock Equipment, Oilfield Tools, Metal Fabrication, Machine Cutting Tools, Shop Equipment, Electrical & Lighting Tools, Hand Tools, Automotive Maintenance, HVAC, Hoisting & Rigging, Blades, Safely, and Pneumatic Tools. We have partnered with leading brands in the industrial tools business such as Milwaukee, Ridgid, Reed MFG, and more to offer you the highest quality products for your budget.


Our products are available nationwide via mobile and e-commerce channels. Our tool expertise extends to our inside sales reps as well. They have a combined tool knowledge of more than fifty years. If you need guidance on the right equipment for your task or need specifications for a large project, our expert staff will help you out. Our success depends on your satisfaction which is why we try to build a meaningful relationship with every customer. Our customer roster ranges from homeowners to weekend warriors, universities to government agencies.



To ensure customers get the most bang for their buck, every day we feature a “Deal of the Day” and “Deal of the Week” on our e-commerce portal. For instance, this week, we are showcasing the Husqvarna K! Place Concrete Saw 12”/14”. Our weekly deals enables customers to grab frequently used tools at affordable prices. Similarly, our “Deal of the Month” is the Husqvarna Battery Powered Cutoff Saw. We are delighted to offer our customers a steal and free delivery as well! A unique shopping feature on our site is that we automatically recommend accessories to complement your purchase. In addition, if you need information about product specifications, documentation, warranty details, or reviews, simply scroll down after selecting the product. If you need more help simply give us a call on our toll-free number!  tech


At, we believe that providing information helps customers make the best decisions. To serve our customers better, we offer a series of how-to videos on a wide range of do-it-yourself topics. Furthermore, our expert staff team regularly posts reviews on our large product offerings. For instance, recently we posted a review comparing the Milwaukee Propress M12 with the M18. In our review, we discuss the design element, capacity, durability, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.

Types of Tools

Eventhough we offer a huge smorgasbord of tools, we are still learning. And we want our customers to learn with us. To facilitate the buying process, we have created buyers guides. These handy guides will help you understand our most popular tools and brands and how best to use them. Currently, we are offer the following buyers’ guides: These handy guides will help you understand our most popular tools and brands and how best to use them. Currently, we are offer the following buyers’ guides:

  • Air Tools
  • Cement Mixer
  • Power tools
  • Heaters
  • Lasers
  • Log Splitters
  • Magnetic Drills
  • Material Lift
  • Masonry Saws
  • Hydrostatic Test Pump
  • Diamond Blades
  • Solar Panel and Wind Power
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Magnetic Drill

Furthermore, we encourage customers to subscribe to Toolfetch Zone on Youtube. On our popular channel, we assist tradesmen, consumers, and DIYers to share their new tool purchases, trade tips, how-to videos, and product reviews. This is also a great place to get tips and suggestions for first-time home renovation projects. By launching this channel, we’re trying to build a community of tool aficionados who have a passion for home renovations, construction, plumbing, etc. We also love it when our subscribers share information about the projects they are currently working on or some out-of-the-box product ideas. Our latest YouTube video features everything you want to know about the Flex Power Tools. is about offering customers a seamless industrial tool shopping experience. By offering an assortment of products and the latest brands with support materials such as reviews, videos, and blogs, we want to empower our customers to make the right purchase decisions. Visit today to get access to the best product offerings and brands at unbeatable prices for industrial tools and equipment online .


Headquartered in Elmsford, New York, Toolfetch first launched in 2002.

And here’s how it all began. Just as e-commerce was starting to boom, a couple of brothers who grew up in the industrial tool business saw an opportunity to take their expertise online. Using their knowledge base from generations of family tool experts, they quickly expanded the business to over 150,000 products across seven different categories. Fast forward to today. Well, 2007, really. That’s when Toolfetch was named a top 500 internet retailer by Internet Retailer Magazine. And today, we sell our products nationwide through our e-commerce and mobile commerce channels. Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies/Universities to Weekend Warriors and end users.

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