Seven Best Restaurants in Lahore That Are a Must Try

Lahore is a city which never sleeps, and food is what makes them crave all day long. We already know Lahore is loaded with best restaurants, tourists point often the interior fascinates many, and weather in Lahore when combined with nature can make anyone love Lahore. Obviously, every other restaurant in Lahore can be ranked as best restaurant in Lahore but there are things that count when having lunch or dinner at a restaurant. 

Restaurant is not just for having food and paying the money, it counts on many factors which include ambiance, food quality, quantity, hygiene, taste, and the presentation of food etc. When we consider these things when looking for a restaurant, it might be a difficult task because every other restaurant in Lahore now is in competition with other. 

Below mentioned is a list of seven best restaurants in Lahore that are a must try for everyone residing in Lahore or visiting Lahore.

Al-Khan Restaurant

When we talk about the factors mentioned in the above paragraph, Al-Khan immediately pops the mind. It is the best restaurant in Lahore serving desi, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, and fast food. Their quality and taste of the food brings everyone again to the restaurant. They serve best continental Food which might be not served as expected at other places. They offer best food at reasonable prices and the quantity is enough for four to five people when ordering desi dishes or Chinese rice menu etc.

Monal Restaurant

Monal is famous restaurant situated in Lahore in Gulberg. The restaurant is known for its menu full of delicious items covered from all food regions. Mainly their Hi-tea menu is the most enjoyed and availed. Monal has two branches. And in both the branches, they have remarkable maintained their decorum. They have a good variety of food with reasonable prices and people can have the view of live kitchen area which amazes and makes the food more enjoyable with live views. Monal is ranked best for the roof top view.

Haveli Restaurant 

Haveli Restaurant is another famous restaurant situated in Old Lahore. The restaurant gives complete vibes of haveli, and the architecture fascinates the visitors. Their restaurant is designed and constructed in a way that apart from enjoying food people also enjoy their photography sessions. Another destination that makes it famous is Badshahi Mosque view that people get from their outdoor sitting. Their prices are affordable and minimum for all the dishes they serve.

Spice Bazaar 

Spice Bazaar is best restaurant when it comes to food, catering, any event, or view. They have best dishes on their menu which add a different flavor to the taste buds. The always maintain and keep working hard at improving the quality of the food. They also offer Hi-tea which comprises of 30-35 dishes that cover desi, Italian, pizzas, continental and Chinese food. They have good hygienic ambiance. Spice Bazar is a bit expensive if compared to the other restaurants of Lahore which are situated in Gulberg.

Café Zouk

Café Zouk is often visited café in Lahore. It has both attributes of restaurant and café. Its menu has the best dishes, and they are affordable for all. They make it affordable and enjoyable for all. Even students can plan their lunch or outing with Café Zouk as their hunger point. The food quality, variety, and affordable prices with taste are what has made Café Zouk the popular cafe. Zouk is a continental restaurant yet serving from the selection of classic dishes. The quantity they serve is enough for two people. 

The Skye Rooftop Restaurant 

After Monal, The Skye restaurant is the most visited for roof top view. It gives visitors an amazing experience of food and view that brings them back. The view from Skye rooftop with food feels just like having food in the clouds, metaphorically. Skye is one of the good restaurants of Lahore which also offers event gatherings and celebrations for which the fun is doubled with delicious food. 

Banera Rooftop Restaurant

Banera rooftop leaves its customers with great experience that they might not experience anywhere else. The Ambiance at Banera is so welcoming, soothing, and healthy. Their food is delicious, quantity is enough for two people and the presentation of the food is what amazes people. It pleases the ones who are fond of taking snaps before having food.  It is a pure family place with exclusive and mesmerizing views to make memories.  

Why Al-Khan Restaurant?

Al-Khan restaurant is ranked as the best restaurant in Lahore because of the organic spices and herbs used in their food which comes straight from their own kitchen. The organic ingredient effort counts to as a healthy note which must be preferred. It is a place which is open to people of all age groups who can enjoy food with less worrying. The prices are affordable.

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